RPG-related things (presumably) coming out (at some point) that I’m excited about

I follow a lot of RPG-related blogs and people who talk about RPG-related things on G+. And a lot of those blogs and/or RPG-related-things-talking people have projects they’re working on (or have at least worked on at one point or another) that excite me. Here’s a list of awesome upcoming things that I’m excited for (and you should be too), and please comment if there are things I’ve obviously missed.

Lanthanum Chromate and Broken Fire Regime
+Patrick Stuart, writer of Deep Carbon Observatory, Maze of the Blue Medusa,> and the False Machine blog, posted this short thing of awesomeness back in 2015. Lanthanum Chromate is his take on dwarves and their progressive-apocalypse culture. He’s posted on the subject once or twice since then, and has said he would begin working on it in 2016. This sounds like everything I’ve ever wanted in dwarves, and I would love to see a proper Patrick-written setting based on this idea. Also, in the works is his pseudo-sequel (spiritual sequel?) to DCO, called “Broken Fire Regime,” which is the Fire part of his Quadrelementalogy (totally legit word). Good things coming from PS this year I think.
Behind Gently Smiling Jaws
Behind Gently Smiling Jaws looks appropriately weird and awesome enough to come from the mind of David McGrogan, author of Yoon-Suin, which is one of the best settings (or setting builders) around. David rightly questions the playability of setting like this, but I believe the atmosphere itself will make it work.
Swordfish Islands
+Jacob Hurst is soon going to Kickstart Swordfish Islands, and it’s no secret to him and anyone else on G+ that I’m really looking forward to this. It’s got weird decadent elves, ancient civilizations, and it’s a hex crawl. I’ve bought all the released zines, and am ready to start hurling Kickstarter money in his face, once he goes live.
The Lost Lands: The Blight
Richard Pett created two of my favorite D&D adventures, both in Dungeon Magazine (of al places): ‘The Styes’ and ‘The Weavers.’ Now he is continuing the world (or rather, city) created in ‘The Styes’ with ‘The Lost Lands: the Blight.” I unfortunately missed the Kickstarter, but am closely following Frog God Games and am anxiously awaiting the release.
Pretty much anything by Cédric Plante
+Cédric Plante is doing the weirdest, most awesomesauciest art around. I love lots of artists, but something about C’s pictures speak to me from a deeply emotional and visceral place. If he says he’s going to publish a zine of nothing but weird garbage space people, I’ll buy it. If he says he is going to spend the next six months daily posting nothing but doodles of different kinds of worms, I’ll wake up every morning and the first place I’ll click is his G+ profile to see what he came up with.
Same kinda goes for Chris Kutalik
I’ve read three works, and a lot of blog posts, by +Chris Kutalik, and they’re all magnificent. I thought he was done with his SUD trilogy, but apparently this trilogy is taking a queue from Tad Williams and will be in four parts, and I can’t wait to see what comes next.

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