Ecology of the Banshee

Also known as the Bean-Nighe, the Lady Fairy, or the Little-Washer-by-the-Ford

The Lady Fairy lusts. This we know. Lust comes in many forms. It comes in the form of the young man who has seen a naked woman in full form for the first time. It comes in the heat of battle, causing a warrior to slice deep and draw blood from the body of the enemy, relishing in its splatter. It even comes from the simple desire to own something – like an antique silver vase, or an heirloom quill pen with a diamond nib. The lust is there in all of us. But in her, it is something primal, something elemental.

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Ecology of the Displacer Beast

The following excerpts are from the journal of Jason Canderman, of the eight-man Canderman-Dodder Expedition, which was documenting the newly-discovered ruins of an ancient Hithan pyramid. This journal was found by a group of nine explorers (three of whom met their fate later by the same creatures described within). Based on the following excerpts, we recommend bringing a full regimen of prepared soldiers before the next expedition is attempted.

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Ecology of the Grick

Coiled beneath the stones and brush, it waits. It hears voices approaching – high-pitched, playful voices. Voices it recognizes as younglings from the community down the river. It opens its beak, pointed tongue running along the edge of its sharp lips. It knows it is in a bad position to strike, but cannot risk moving now, as the voices are close now, and would hear the stones above it shifting. It feels excitement welling – it hasn’t eaten in a week, since eating the meat off the bones of a deer, and fresh man-meat is always preferable to deer. The voices are only a few feet away now, voices filled with joy and glee, unaware of what lies beneath the stones they play atop…

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