About Spine Wrinkle

Spine Wrinkle started as the name of an adventuring party in a mid-90’s 2nd edition campaign. Over the years, the name has been recycled by the same group for different purposes – Adventurers’ Guilds in the campaign world, the name of a book club, and a blog. Now I am combining all of that together for the purpose of publishing RPG content. The site will eventually grow to be more than the blog, once I get my ducks in a row.

Spine Wrinkle does consist (or at some point or another, has consisted) of the following people:

  • Brandon Daggerhart
  • Jonathan Daggerhart
  • Tad Daggerhart
  • Michael Wright
  • Nathan Bivins
  • Josh Franks
  • Keith Worstell
  • Matt Bullington
  • JT
  • Mark Mullaney