Jungle Themed Random Encounters Table

Been needing to do this for a few weeks now for an upcoming adventure. Finished it, because when Arnold K says to do something, you do it. Here is a random jungle encounter table which may or may not include giant worms. Specific proper names here, just replace if you don’t like/need.

A Jungle-Themed (and Worm-Friendly) Random Encounters Table

d20 Jungle Encounters
1 A leg-sized velvet worm on a limb is giving birth to over a thousand young. She will violently attack (by spitting sticky webbing) anyone who comes into the vicinity during her birthing.
2 d4 spear-wielding pygmies are hunting a boar. The boar is crazed after getting into the pygmies supply of psychotropic trilobite secretions.
3 A tree appears to be waving its limbs on its own. Investigation shows the trunk and limbs are covered in 5d20 small teal-striped cicadas. They will consume the tree in 2d12 hours, and will each be the size of a man’s fist when they’re done.
4 A clearing reveals 2d4 football-sized slime-covered-and-translucent Gremlins-movie-style pods. Movement can be seen inside.
5 A small flock (2d4) of red-beaked man-sized flightless vultures gorge themselves on the carcass of an huge, tentacled, one-eyed, pink-blooded creature (the eye has been removed, as this is a delicacy). Despite their size, the birds scare off easily.
6 A lone human bounty hunter. His handlebar mustache is dyed purple and braided and beaded all the way to his chest. He claims to be pursuing a party of cannibal elves who attacked his village.
7 Buried under leaves and easy to miss, a rotting leather sack with three books: Memoirs of Sateev: A Tale of Discovery Through the Ancient Halls of Tuk-Hal (maps, ecology, flora and fauna of Tuk-Hal before its destruction), Within of the Crystal Sphere (a study of the badgermen akashics), and Veins of the Earth (an ancient text of maneuvering through the underworld). They are worth 100gp each to the right badgerman archeologist or historian, otherwise worth 2d4gp each.
8 An abandoned wagon. There are multiple crates on it, stocked with food provisions, strips of leather, and two barrels of wine (spoiled). Signs of battle around, including arrows in the wagon, but no bodies. Whatever did the damage didn’t care about the supplies.
9 d4 root wraiths haunt and protect a soggy, rotten tree, which is but one entrance into Gada Raal, the Burrowed Realm.
10 3d3 cannibal elves. They attack on site. If they win, they will eat your flesh, sew your bones into their jewelry, and psychically chain your spirit as a house slave.
11 2d2 frogmen on a raft, shepherding a herd of giant dragonflies. Generally friendly, but wary of unfamiliar travelers. They are unknowingly being hunted by the freshwater ichthyosaur (see below).
12 The body of a lone badgerman silkworm farmer. Though he has been dead for several days and is very decomposed, it is obvious that some large hunting animal took a large bite out of his chest.
13 Giant freshwater ichthyosaur. Almost fifty feet long. Came from a cold lake much further north and has been working its way downstream for several years. Likes the food in the area.
14 A fifty-foot wide, 300-foot deep pit, crawling with vipers. The snakes attack literally anything on site, no matter the size. If someone can dig through the tangled, writhing mass of serpents, one may find a stone door at the bottom of the pit, another entrance into Gada Raal, the Burrowed Realm.
15 Barook Gilil, a badgerman paladin riding the back of a giant tree sloth. His mission is to restore the Eye of Kraxos, a large perfectly spherical topaz which supposedly came from the head of a long-dead cyclopean demigod.
16 Heart-Eater. An ancient displacer beast stalks the jungle. It stalks a victim through the night for fun, then bites the heart out in one strike, leaving the corpse to rot.
17 Memory sphere. Fist-sized yellow floating sphere. Moves on a specific path of a perfect circle, 900 feet in diameter, which is so precise as to never touch a tree or plant. If a living person stands in its path, the sphere will pass through his head, and he will have a sudden vision (or memory) of the dying moments of an ancestor from seven generations in the past.
18 A grove of nutmeg trees. Atop the branches live d6 giant owls. The owls guard a nest, made of vines, twigs, and feathers of lesser birds. Within the nest are the jewels, trinkets, and small weapons of many unwary travelers.
19 Stone waypoint with dilapidated roof. Used by travelers to avoid bad weather. The cannibal elves know of its existence and occasionally check it for easy prey.
20 Gargantuan worm. The ground trembles when this lamprey-mouthed monstrosity moves beneath it. It never comes completely above ground – just its mouth segment erupts in an explosion of dirt and greenery. It is the only one left of its kind and has been alive for over five thousand years. There is widespread fear of this creature, and the stories say that once swallowed whole, a person will die slowly of its acidic bile over the course of three weeks. The local badgerman tribe says their former, great civilization of Tuk-Hal was destroyed by this very creature eight hundred years ago, and all their akashic leaders were killed.

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