Tooth Golem

With a homebrew class I’ve been working on (more details soon), I’ve been inspired to create some golem types. I have stats and more details for some of these which I may post eventually. So currently more like drawing prompts if anything.

Divided into a few different categories based on my campaign setting.

Crabclaw Tiny, Small, Medium, Large Made entirely of broken and severed crabclaws
Pearl Tiny, Small Vomited forth by clamomancers
Sharktooth Small, Medium, Large, Huge Made entirely of shark teeth of all types. Head shaped like a great white’s jaw.
Cephalogolem Medium, Large, Huge Composed of bits and pieces from all sorts of cephalopods – tentacles, squid beaks, eyes, web, ink sacs, etc
Barnacle Tiny, Small, Medium Very brittle
Poisonous Forest
Spore Molecular, Tiny, Small Hard to see, looks like typical floating spore-y stuff in the forest. May enter bloodstream and do internal damage. Each hit releases clouds of spores.
Mushroom cap Tiny, Small, Medium, Large
Rot-tree Small, Medium, Large, Huge Decomposed and rotted parts of trees – bark, leaves, roots. Falls apart easily.
Sludge-stone Small, Medium, Large, Huge Stone, mud, and rocks covered in viscous, oily, poisonous, sludgy … stuff.
Radioactive Cloud Large, Huge, Gargantuan, Ridiculous Two radioactive clouds merged and then a wizard golem’ed them together. Just go with it. May cover an entire region, dumping terrible things on people. Strong wind disperses.

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