d30 Strange/Weird/Creepy Encounters

Taken from my G+ Encounter Posts.

d30 Encounter
1 Four witches, nude save for rabbit-skin masks, stand in a circle of dead grass and argue over a headless foal.
2 Two young boys lie on the beach covered in an orange-green-ish sludge. They appear to be breathing. Approaching them causes an overwhelming surge of paranoia and dread of the ocean.
3 A solitary rook stands atop a broken signpost. It watches you approach without moving. If you bypass, it calmly turns to the side to continue watching you. If you talk to it, it stares back in silence. If you attack it or otherwise attempt to dislodge it, it silently flies away. On the ground is the sign for the post with one word: “Heed.”
4 Just off the path in front of a stone bridge leading into a rural village, is a small pile of metal items: coins, thimbles, nails, buttons, rusty knives, etc. Each day the pile grows as local villagers add more trinkets. Crossing the bridge without depositing a similar item to the pile, you’ll hear hissing and growling all around, and until the next full moon, will have nightmares of green eyes peering at you from beneath the bridge. If you attempt to remove any of the trinkets, you are immediately set upon by a 12′ tall troll, who will chase and attack until you or it is dead. The pile disappears after a full moon and the cycle starts over again. This is apparently been going on in the village for 170 years.
5 A whining horse, covered in tiny red spiders, lies heaving by the path. Its eyes, filled with sticky webbing, roll around fearfully, and its whinnying is choked due to the spiders crawling in its mouth. Multiple oozing sores from hundreds of bites. A dozen feet away, a large honeycombed mound shivers as though something within is moving.
6 In the center of a room, six small stone tortoises are arranged facing each other. They are ancient, gray, and unmovable. Observing for at least one hour will reveal they are breathing, but so slowly that the movements are almost imperceptible. The eyes are yellow and softer than the stone bodies – they bleed if cut.
7 An old stone well, long ago filled up to ground level with black dirt and soil. Growing in the shallow dirt basin is a small coiled vine with jasmine flowers. At night, the individual flowers glow a pinkish-white hue and the trees within a hundred feet tremble and creak. Digging at the vine finds that the roots go extremely deep, possibly to the bottom of the well.
8 A hole in the ground, 4 feet wide, angles into the earth about 30 degrees for half a mile. Med & Larger must crawl. Within are thousands upon thousands of tiny albino centipedes which will attempt to crawl into any open orifice on a living creature and eat them from the inside. Shaft is straight and opens into a moist barn-sized cave. Within is large deposit of chalcanthite (each basketball-sized flower is worth 200gp to proper alchemists). In the back of the cave is another hole which leads further down, and a hot damp breeze can be felt moving within.
9 A wooden door frame with an unmarked iron door stands unsupported in the middle of a clearing. Each time it is opened by a thinking being, it shows a possible way in which the opener may die. There are infinite possible visions. The first vision is always true, and will happen in a number of days equal to the number of times the person opens the door. The only way to stop it is to lead someone new to the door and have them open it.
10 A dog watches from afar. It never gets closer than 100 feet, but will follow you through night and day. After 2d3 days, it will stop following you, though if you backtrack, you may find it again where you first spotted it. If you leave food for it at least two nights in a row, it will tentatively come to you and then lead you to a shallow grave. Within is an old man, slightly decomposed. Parts of his face, arms, and legs have been eaten by what looks like human mouths.
11 A worm god rises six feet out of the ground. It cannot speak and cannot see you, but through vibration-based communication, you may eventually find out that it is looking for its lower half, which was stolen by a raven demigod.
12 A giant fly, the size of a walnut, buzzes incessantly around your head. Swatting at it will send it away for a few moments but it will eventually come back. If you hit and do at least three points of damage, you will split it open and send it to the ground, where thousands of tiny eggs will fall out of it. If you don’t find some way to dispose of it, it will eventually attempt to crawl into some orifice on you while you sleep and lay its brood.
13 A single six-foot tall carnivorous albino rose amidst other more generic flowers. The thorns are six inches long, and the white flower can lurch five feet in any direction and attempt to bite. Mostly eats insects (loves dragonflies), but is opportunistic.
14 Six men enjoying their pipes in a clearing. They seem to be enjoying themselves. Beside them is a dead, maggot-ridden satyr, pincushioned with arrows. Other than occasionally swatting away flies, the men ignore the dead fey. They do not respond to anything you say to them and do not defend themselves from attacks.
15 You’ve stumbled upon a small collection of 20 or so old, grass-covered gravestones. There is not a church or community close by. No sign that anyone living has been here in many years. Many of the epigraphs on the stones (and corresponding dates of death) refer to an event seventy years ago called “God’s Awakening.”
16 You come across the carcass of a Godbird. Its plumes are discolored, its beak has been shattered, its wings have been clipped, and its eyes have been gouged. No parts of it appear to have been eaten.
17 Footprints in the snow. Easy to track, it is obviously six humanoid creatures walking, with several trails of blood as though they are wounded. After following the tracks for a few hundred yards, one of the sets disappears and now there are only five sets. This happens over and over again every few hundred yards until at last you are following one set of tracks. In the middle of a clearing, with no other signs of tracks or escape, the last set disappears, along with the blood.
18 Eleven sparrows perform a macabre dance around a huge withered tree. As approached, all but one fly away; the remaining flies to the lowest branch and watches you. The tree will attack any human who approaches by swinging its massive limbs wildly.
19 A black box with a combination of gray and white chevron and plaid style etchings on all six sides. The hinges are rusted shut. If opened, a low whistling howl (like wind over an open bottle) comes out, followed by a reddish mist. Constitution/Poison Save or fall asleep. When awakened, it has been 1d3 days, and your body is now covered from head to toe in tattoos similar to the designs on the box.
20 Dozens of tiny lights dance around your head like fireflies. Wherever they zig zag across your field of vision, your sight is burned out for a few moments, creating purplish/black criss-crossing lines of blindness. For every minute observed, permanently lose the memory of one entire random day in the last year. Only Remove Curse or Wish can restore the memory.
21 Four mutilated humanoid corpses are chained to an iron post. Around them is a circle lain in diamond dust which does not stir with air movements. Close inspection of each body reveals the hands are bound by single strands of silk and the fingernails have been removed.
22 Thin black cracks spiderweb across the ground in a ten-foot radius. Peering into them sees nothing, no matter what type of vision the viewer has. Anything inserted into the cracks (including limbs, weapons, trinkets) disappears forever, cleanly severed (normal damage for missing digits, etc, applies).
23 A man-sized stone obelisk stands cocked slightly, looking as though it may fall at any moment. A foul miasma surrounds it, causing nauseousness. If viewed with astral or ethereal sight of some sort, it can be seen that an invisible beam of light emits from the tip and shines into the sky.
24 An ox lies dead on the ground, its belly burst like overripe fruit, as though something erupted out. Small writhing tentacles in places of its eyes sense approachers and point in their direction. Scavenger birds circle overhead, but never land to feast.
25 An abandoned farm. Near the entry is a ghostly scarecrow, visible only by the shadow it casts. Within thirty feet in any direction of the house, low-frequency vibrations can be heard (and mostly felt), as though the earth is groaning.
26 A man sits against a tree. Close inspection shows that he is alive, but both he and the tree are covered in a strange black fungus. The man grasps an empty glass bottle in his hands which is hot to the touch.
27 A known forbidden occult tome, covered in dust and mostly closed. A single raggedly-severed pinky finger holds the place in the book, keeping it from closing completely. If the book is touched, a scratchy voice says simply, “You know what to do.” Wisdom/Spell Save or open the book to the held page.
28 A low stone wall with no connecting structures. Written in blood on the wall are the words, “Beware the shadows.” During twilight hours, anyone camping or resting within the vicinity of the wall will be attacked and eaten by their own shadows.
29 A room filled with shelves, each loaded with dozens upon dozens of clockwork birds. As soon as the room is entered, the birds begin dancing, flapping, squawking, jittering, hopping, and moving in strange ways. The cacophony is deafening and painful; Constitution/Paralysis Save to avoid staggering out of the room in pain. Anyone who Saves to stay in the room will notice that on each of the birds’ faces is painted an expression of absolute horror.
30 Hundreds of foot-long slugs, arranged in a spiral. Inspection shows the one in the center has a head like a tiny human, and is humming softly. Several of the others also have miniaturised human features (tiny hands, miniscule toes, etc).

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