d30 Random Fey Encounters

Here are some random Fae encounters. Special thanks to Jonathan and Mike.

d30 Fey Encounter
1 d8 talking hedgehogs ask for help in finding their magic bone whistle.
2 A solitary willow sister dances around her willow tree, attempting to revive it. The tree is covered in a brownish fungus.
3 Pixies are terrorizing a village by tying all their flowers into bows at night. This kills the flowers.
4 A bridge over a creek in the middle of a field. On both sides of the bridge sits a small wooden bucket, inside each of which is a collection of metal trinkets: nails, pins,
thimbles, coins, etc. Trying to cross the bridge without depositing a similar item brings the wrath of the troll living beneath the bridge.
5 An elf is posing as a traveling merchant of common items. All items are cursed in a mildly frustrating way.
6 A forest nymph has moved to a tree in the center of a small town. Her lewd displays concern the parents of small children.
7 A fox is caught in a hunter’s trap. It will grant a boon to anyone who aids it, or subsequently curse anyone who attempts to take advantage of it.
8 Six deformed pookas invite passers-by to take part in their tea and crumpets party. They expect impeccable manners, but do not explain their standards and customs.
9 A small stone ruin sits in the middle of a large lily pond. d3 redcaps have taken up residence within.
10 A saddled horse wanders around riderless. It is beautiful and friendly. Attempting to ride the horse rapidly causes it to become ferociously ill-tempered, running into a nearby lake where it transforms into a strangling mass of seaweed and tries to drown the would-be rider.
11 Small, cozy hut occupied by a hideous old woman who agrees to lodging for travelers if they will help her chop some firewood and muck her goats’ pen. When chores are attempted, the firewood is so hard it breaks the axe, and no matter how much manure shoveled, there is always more.
12 d6 crooning selkies lure travelers to their ocean grotto, where they will tempt the travelers to stay and mate with them in exchange for 3d100 pearls. They fail to mention that the mating takes place beneath the waves.
13 An abandoned fire pit. On the spit is a half-eaten pig roast. A confusing mess of tracks around the site show massive hoofprints the size of a man’s head, and occasional drops of blood amidst the tangle of sleeping blankets and ripped bags. The tracks disappear thirty feet from the roast.
14 A cave entrance littered with small animal bones. Within is a sick ogre maid drinking bonebroth soup. She will ask for captured animals for her soup as she cannot hunt with her illness.
15 The path traveled upon is discovered to be a closed circle. Pixies have been stealing from you as you walk endless around their grove.
16 At night, a circle of cats speaking in the language of men can be heard. Upon noticing the listeners, the cats suddenly go quiet and stalk them through the following days.
17 Two goblin craftsmen in leather aprons argue over the ownership of a silver hammer. They demand the passers-by help arbitrate.
18 A field of carnivorous flowers. Save vs falling asleep for d4 hours.
19 A translucent leprechaun with an over-sized pouch ducks behind a rock. Searching the area finds a shallow grave, covered in stones, of a dead leprechaun and his empty pot of gold. In his fist is a note, written by him, leading to his murderers. He knew.
20 A mundane action (such as kicking a small pebble) causes a faerie dog to appear. It claims to have been imprisoned for 100 years and is now free, and swears to repay the debt no matter what it takes. It forgets about it the next day and wanders off when no one is looking.
21 Each night for the last week, someone in the local village has spoken of hearing a far-off melancholy scream. The next day, that person has been found dead. The village is in a panic.
22 The shadow of a dog begins trailing one person. No one else can see it. If they attempt to kick or attack the shadow somehow, the shadow disperses to the sound of rueful whining.
23 Farmer Conanson has noticed that if he leaves a saucer of milk out, his floors are swept and clothes stitched together when he wakes up. However, he’s found he’s had to leave more and more milk out or instead his clothes are rent and gouges left on his wall. He’s starting to run out of milk.
24 During the night, a hobgoblin attempts to rob someone, and escapes by climbing a tree. If captured, indignantly claims to be “Puck, the consort of the king of faeries.”
25 d3 bog sprites sleep peacefully in a circle beneath a cypress tree. Between them is a burlap sack filled with gold and silver jewelry.
26 A talking crow offers to guide travelers through a vine-tangled forest in exchange for “a shiny bauble.” If taken up on the offer, it will lead them safely through the woods. If refused, the travelers will become lost in the forest for 2d4 days with all their food stolen after their first night’s sleep.
27 A small, black-haired girl leads nine marching puppets. Each puppet plays a wind or percussion instrument. If party is spotted, the puppets flee in nine directions and the girl turns into a tree.
28 A hunter lies wounded with multiple piercing wounds. Two giant white stags watch from the distance.
29 A small human hand with gold rings on each finger is found in the center of a fairy ring. If someone attempts to move it, the hand grips the would-be mover and that person must save or become small mushroom.
30 A swarm of ladybugs surrounds a person. If they are swatted away, nothing happens. If the person accepts, they are granted a vision of a powerful magical weapon, guarded by a giant, only a day’s travel away.

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