d30 Magic Items

Here are some items for my game. Maybe you’ll like them. Special thanks to Mike and Jonathan.

d30 Item
1 Nightmare Cuffs – Two black iron cuffs with a single strand of hemp connecting them. Once clasped around the wrists of a guilty criminal, they activate. The prisoner cannot move his legs while bound. If the prisoner breaks the twine, he is free, but will suffer from debilitating night terrors for one year and one day, causing disadvantage on all rolls, unless he seeks a priest to absolve him of his crime.
2 Golden Acorn – A regular sized acorn made of solid gold. If planted in fertile soil, within 2d12 hours, a horse-sized squirrel will dig it up, eat it, and then become a willing mount for the planter until he passes the acorn in 30 days. The squirrel can do all the things a normal squirrel can do, it is just really big.
3 Wintervane – A sheer metal weathervane which can be mounted on any house or barn. It is cold as ice. During heavy snow and icefall, the vane spins around during the entire duration of the storm. While spinning, no snow or ice will touch the building.
4 Arm of the Craven – A three piece arm consisting of gauntlet, vambrace, and couter. Individually, they are just well-made pieces of armor worth 2d20 GP apiece. When worn together and holding a one-handed weapon in the hand, anyone facing the wielder of the Arm must make a Charisma/Paralyzation Save or become overwhelmed with cowardice (Frightened).
5 Ghost Jar – A small ceramic jar of translucent milky white color with a cork lid. The jar has the capacity within to hold one ghost – and only one – of any size, whether the ghost of a pixie, or the ghost of a brachiosaurus. While sealed, the ghost cannot escape. Upon release, the ghost must follow the first command of the person who released it, and then is free to go (though may stay if it chooses).
6 Umbral Swallow – A small sword made of shadowstuff. Having the Swallow on one’s person for more than twenty-four hours causes the owner to begin to turn into a shadow – this happens over the course of 3d4 days, with each day becoming more transparent and faded. The only way to stop the transformation is to use the blade to sacrifice a commander of the person’s same race. When attacking someone in battle, on a successful hit, the victim must make a Death/Constitution Save or immediately turns into a shadow under the commander of the Swallow’s owner.
7 Copperfly – A small, bluish fly made of chalcanthite. Constantly buzzes around the head of owner like an annoying fly, but while doing so, no other insect will come within five feet. Very brittle, breaks with one successful hit.
8 Universal Desiccant – Blue tinted glass bottle with metal cap. Within are 1d6 doses of fine gray powder. Strongest magical desiccant in existence. It treats everything like salt treats a slug. Throw a dose on a living creature w/ ranged attack. Creature makes Constitution/Death Save. Failure removes 1/3 total Constitution. The next two rounds, Save again or remove another 1/3 Con. After 3 failures, creature is dead, dry, and brittle. Successful save stops further process, but does not restore missing Constitution. Constitution regained at 1 point a day. Throwing on an already dead creature instantly mummifies creature as though it had been preserved for one thousand years. Must wear gloves or risk dosing yourself. Also critical fails are bad.
9 Silk of the Maiden – Beautiful rose and yellow sheer robe of silk with fine hemming of silver. Wearing this and nothing else allows wearer to save at Advantage (or +5 if you don’t use Advantage) versus all charm-based effects.
10 Whisperlamp – Appears to be an ordinary small oil lamp with a few odd carvings on the bottom. While lit and carried, anyone whispering within 30′ can be heard clearly by the carrier as though they were speaking directly to him.
11 Perkin’s Left Shoe – One of a pair. The right was swallowed by Thyrakilar the Great Red Wyrm. When the remaining shoe is worn, the wearer gains a +5 bonus to AC to enemies on his left side (he can be as creative as he wants to use this to his advantage). The wearer also has a death wish when encountering the devastating flames reminiscent of a red dragon – anytime in the future when he fights a red dragon (or even enters the vicinity of an active volcano), he must make a Wisdom/Spell Save or willingly jump into the dragon’s flame / volcano’s caledra.
12 Signet of the First – A small ring made of bismuth. The signet plate is blank when first picked up. Once placed on a finger, a strange symbol appears. This symbol does not appear in any language known by the wearer – it is the symbol of the First Worm, an ancient demigod-esque creature which all demons and devils fear. If the signet is used to sign a writ and delivered to a demon or devil (or their kin), the creature must obey the writ to the best of its ability. After which, said demonic entity will attempt to eat the bearer. Also, the ring is slightly radioactive, and every cumulative 30 days worn lowers the wearer’s constitution by 1.
13 Tentaculastic Bands – Silvery-blue bands with orange spots, six inches in diameter, made from the very stretchy flesh of a cymangomorph octopus’s tentacles. An individual band may be stretched up to eighteen feet in diameter to lash bulky items together, and will not break from the strain. A band may be cut (with at least a +1 sharp item) to create a stretchy rope or line. Great for lowering people down cliffs, or rigging a bowstring in desperate times. The bands are easily sensed by octopodes and their kin, who will react to the wearer in similar ways to how you would react if you saw another person wearing a human skin belt.
14 Miska’s Ceramic Breadknife – Looks like an ordinary breadknife made of fine ceramic. Will break if dropped from more than two feet. Will shatter the first time used in combat. Dulls the first time it cuts something harder than bread. If used to cut bread (or other wheat foodstuffs), once cut, each cut segment may be left alone overnight, and the next morning, they will have each become a full loaf/pie/whatever. Highly sought after by the family of Miska, who’s bakery business went under after they lost the knife 100 years ago.
15 Kaffe – A tin canister with fragrant, dark brown beans grown in the jungle region of the mystic Matrusans. The beans may be ground with a mortar and pestle (or similar device) and soaked in hot water and drunk. The drinker will have advantage on initiative for the next two hours. This effect may only be used once a day. If used for more than 30 days cumulatively, the drinker becomes addicted, and will have disadvantage on Constitution/Poison Saves on days which the Kaffe isn’t imbibed. After another 30 cumulative days of not drinking, the addiction goes away.
16 Altruistic Abacus – An abacus, made of a dense translucent blue crystal, with a white steel plate on the top. All beads are the same dense translucent blue. A business owner or merchant may write his name or business name on the plate. When used to tally up the totals and close the books after a day of business, the owner will find themselves with 10% more profit for the day than expected (100gp of profit for the day becomes 110gp). If the owner donates the entire extra 10% to a charity, religious organization, or other “benevolent” service, he will find himself blessed the following day with extraordinary luck (either Advantage or +5 on on the first save of the day). Otherwise, he can just keep the money – he may find it useful. Eventually, certain persons of interest may notice the books not quite making sense, and come to investigate. Somehow, that 10% is likely to come due…
17 Curse Compass of Malediction – An old, rust-covered compass. Its needle points at whatever it feels is cursed within 30′, whether that be lycanthropes, wild mages, or Fred, who always loses at gambling. It may point at stronger malevolences at greater ranges with the GM’s discretion.
18 Anti-dictionary – An old, leather-wrapped book with no title, but within, are thousands of words in the common tongue. Each time you read it, you forget one random word, and that word appears in the dictionary.
19 Lost Lamp of Leovale – This silver lantern shines with a pale blue flame. Anyone with darkvision standing within ten feet of the lamp effectively has their darkvision range doubled in areas of dim or no light, as the lamp’s strange flame illuminates their surroundings, and the lamp itself is visible within a mile on a clear night. Those without darkvision, however, cannot see the flame or the light it casts.
19 Godbird Feather – A single multi-colored feather from the fierce Godbird can be worth a duke’s ransom to the proper alchemist/wizardly-type. By itself, wearing the feather in your cap, or tied to an armband on your person, grants Advantage (or +5) to any interaction with birdfolk and other aviary-type-folk, and at dawn and dusk in open fields, birds will flock to you, creating a maelstrom of feathers until the sun either completely rises or sets. Rumors also speak of a woman heroine who was able to fly on the back of a giant rook just for owning the feather.
20 Dead Ringer – A small brass bell. When rung, if there are any undead within 100′ of you, they will come to you. They are not under your control, and have no obligations not to eat you. However, their first response will be one of curiosity before moving onto hostility.
21 Falconeye – A small recurve bow, seemingly sized for halflings. The upper limb is adorned with different style etchings of falcons – some look like kids’ drawings, some look highly artistic, some look hieroglyphic. The lower limb seems to be growing grayish-blue falcon feathers that cannot be removed. Once on a person for more than 24 hours, that person begins to have cravings to eat living songbirds. The cravings are resistible, though uncomfortable. If the owner gives into the cravings and eats a living, screeching, terrified songbird, then the next arrow fired from the bow by the owner will automatically critically hit its target. After which, the cycle starts anew.
22 White Wind – A well-crafted bone white rapier. The owner appears to be buffeted by a light wind at all times – not enough to cause discomfort, but enough to blow his hair and clothes around. People will look at him oddly, especially indoors. When drawn for combat, a whirling eddy surrounds the owner and any enemies within 10 feet. Enemies within must make a Paralyzation/Dex save or be knocked Prone. Must save again next round if still within 10′. No nonmagical ranged weapons can come through the vortex. After 30 days, the owner will begin feeling the irresistible urge to fly. He may or may not have the capabilities to do so safely.
23 Sack of Rust – This burlap sack contains the concentrated remains of d4 rust monsters in powder form. May hurl one dose of the powder at nonmagical metal (doors, weapons, whatever) to corrode the metal to breaking point in one round. For magical metal, the doses required are [1 + the number of the bonus] (+3 sword takes 4 doses).
24 Amulet of Day and Night – A tarnished bronze amulet. On one side is an ancient depiction of the sun, on the other, the moon. Once per the day the wearer may cast Darkness. Once per night the wearer may cast Daylight.
25 Cassi’s Chronometer – Solid gold pocket watch. The workings are masterful. As a timepiece, it is easily worth 200gp to the proper buyer. If it was working. The hands have stopped at 5:14, and no amount of winding, tinkering, or repairing can fix it. The workings cannot be removed to be replaced. Basically just a beautiful, decorative piece with an inscription on the inside, “For Cassi.” The owner will always know what time of day it is, even if trapped for months in the Underdark. He will also begin having feelings of unease in the early evening, as though being watched by a ghost.
26 Horrible Bill – A hooked polearm. The shaft is ordinary, but the blade is the bloody, grotesquely severed hook from a hook horror (the blood cannot be removed). The wielder has echolocation, which grants blindsight and darkvision up to 60ft – loses these abilities if deafened. Also, the owner gains Advantage on any intimidate rolls versus hook horrors, giant cockroaches, and giant crickets (which are the hook horrors’ distant relatives). Gain disadvantage on any social/etiquette-based rolls that require one not to be carrying around a bloodied monster hand as a weapon.
27 Crimson Crier – A white porcelain beer stein that has been “painted” with seemingly haphazard splashes of red dye. Anyone who drinks booze from this, and is in the vicinity of at least 3 other people, must make a Wisdom/Spell Save or begin immediately sobbing into the drink and telling their most shameful deed.
28 Centipede Circle – A tungsten ring painstakingly crafted to look like a centipede curled around the finger. Wearer may make basic commands to all nonmagical centipedes.
29 Ocarina of Mimicry – A simple wooden ocarina, painted blue and white. Within is the magically preserved windpipe of a kenku. Speaking through the ocarina allows the user to perfectly mimic that last sound they heard.
30 Runed Boots – A pair of fine leather boots with runes stitched into the shafts. When worn, the defense of everyone within 10′ of the wearer is lowered. All armor becomes two AC less in quality than what it should be, to a minimum of base 10 – so plate mail becomes 16 instead of 18 (or 5 instead of 3 in OSR), leather becomes 10 instead of 11 (or 9 instead of 7 in OSR). The affected are unaware of this until they figure it out on their own.

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