List of Homebrew Hexcrawl and/or Sandbox Settings

What started as a way for me to find more settings to read has turned into me compiling a list of sandbox and/or hexcrawl settings (of the homebrew variety) which others may find useful. I expect this list to grow, but these are the ones I’ve found so far that have been very useful to me.

  • Lots of Crowdsourced Hexcrawls – at SaveVsTotalPartyKill. Done as community projects on Google+, collected and organized by Ramanan Sivaranja. Personal favorites are The Kraal and Kaltval.
  • Across the White Marsh – at BloodAndBronze. It’s available for purchase as a book, but the original “rough draft” version is free to check out.
  • Frogstar Peninsula – by Arnold K. I… think he’s done with it?
    At least as much as he’s going to do. The whole thing is very Arnold-like, so if you like his stuff, you should like this.
  • Kingmaker Rewrite – In which Joseph Manola rewrites an entire Pathfinder adventure path into a 3-page hexcrawl.
  • The Isles of Mist – A free hexcrawl adventure from ars phantasia, complete with Player’s Guide, a players-only map, and several supplemental adventures.