About Spine Wrinkle

Spine Wrinkle started as the name of an adventuring party in a mid-90’s 2nd edition campaign. Over the years, the name has been recycled by the same group for different purposes – Adventurers’ Guilds in the campaign world, the name of a book club, and a blog. Now we are just combining all of that together for the purpose of publishing RPG modules and supplements. The site will eventually grow to be more than the blog, once we get our ducks in a row.

Spine Wrinkle does consist (or at some point or another, has consisted) of the following people:

  • Brandon Daggerhart
  • Jonathan Daggerhart
  • Tad Daggerhart
  • Michael Wright
  • Nathan Bivins
  • Josh Franks
  • Keith Worstell
  • Matt Bullington
  • JT
  • Mark Mullaney